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Are you visible on the internet?

In order for your website to be visible, and especially for links to your site to appear in Google search results, many conditions must be met. First, your site must allow indexing robots to visit all its pages to index the content. Secondly, your content must contain relevant keywords related to your activities and search engines must consider it appropriate to propose your site in response to user queries.

To achieve this, search engines take into account many criteria, including the credibility of your site, which is partly based on the number and quality of links pointing to it.

Our advice

Our advice focuses on optimizing your natural ranking on Google and the appropriate actions to significantly improve your appearance in the natural search results ranking.

We also incorporate all digital levers in our analysis, including paid search if necessary (Ads, Display, Video), as well as the use of social networks (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram…) or the implementation of Email marketing or DRTV communication campaigns, and more technical solutions involving upgrading or migrating your website if necessary.

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