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A web agency !

SearchBooster is a Paris-based web agency specializing in digital marketing and web development. What sets them apart is their ability to work on all digital levers and to have a significant part of their business dedicated to redesigning and developing all kinds of showcase and e-commerce websites, as well as activating all digital marketing channels.

We are one of the few mid-sized agencies that are truly specialized in digital and can handle SEO, SEA, social media, content management, and the design and implementation of showcase websites, e-commerce websites, and iOS and Android native and PWA apps.

We work with our clients in the long term and are thus able to manage all or part of their digital needs.

Working with both large corporations and SMEs and independent entrepreneurs, we believe that you are the experts in your field and that we are the experts in digital communication in all its forms.

The main areas

The main areas in which we love to work and share our passion for what we do are:

  • Digital strategy & web marketing
  • Brand platform and graphic design
  • Creation of showcase websites
  • Creation of e-commerce websites & online stores
  • Website redesign & migration
  • Web development
  • Creation of native or PWA mobile applications, Marketplace
  • Optimization of natural SEO referencing
  • Google AdWords campaigns (Google Ads)
  • Social media advertising campaigns
  • Content production
  • Motion design
  • Emailing
  • Community management
  • E-reputation and customer review management
  • Inbound marketing
  • Marketing automation and CRM / GRC
  • Web marketing training

Digital strategy and web marketing

    • Because reflection necessarily precedes action, before implementing digital communication actions, with your project manager, we take stock and spend time exchanging with you to understand your strategic objectives and your business objectives.


    • Our perfect understanding of the digital environment allows us to explore with you the field of possibilities and to list the potential advantages and disadvantages of activating each of the levers.


  • Similarly, our global vision allows us to have a coherent plan and to play on the complementarity of the levers (Social networks, SEO, SEA, Emailing…) and their timing.
    • Starting your short-term visibility with social media, consolidating it with SEA advertising, building your search engine visibility with SEO, maintaining it with email marketing, and managing leads with marketing automation is an ideal strategy. However, your goals and budget constraints may impact this approach and justify prioritization.
    • Studying your market, the visibility of your competitors, their web traffic, and their digital visibility to provide you with recommendations.
  • In other cases, in addition to your outbound marketing approach, we will recommend implementing an inbound marketing approach.

Creation of a brand platform and graphic charter

Reflecting with you on your brand attributes and key differentiating factors and then developing them into a visual identity with a Print and Web logo, fonts, color palettes, a graphic charter, presentation templates, and a website identity is our daily work.

Integrating these elements into your digital communication tools is also our daily work (website, newsletters, landing pages, social media covers, post templates, etc.).

Delivering a turnkey platform that you just have to activate according to your messages and communications to your clients is our mantra.

Creation of a showcase website

Creating a one-page or multipage website with optimized user experience (UX), implementing best practices to increase conversions, on-page SEO optimization, and brainstorming with you are our core values.

Thinking about search experience optimization (SXO) rather than just UX.

Advising you on templating, customized websites with a unique design, guiding you in choosing the right CMS, or suggesting pure code.

Choosing the best plugins and explaining why.

Providing you with the best value for your budget, integrating your objectives and our expertise to ensure the success of your web project.

We also know when to say no to avoid future disappointments, without compromising your satisfaction.

Creation of E-Commerce website and online store

    • Helping you launch your business online or extend your physical business by understanding your business goals.
    • Sharing our experience in deploying dozens of e-commerce sites and advising you on the right online payment module and suitable logistics.
  • Understanding the interactions with your ERP and/or CRM are prerequisites of our digital agency to ensure the success of your business.
  • Don’t just think about UX, SXO but also consider generating traffic and therefore organic search engine optimization of the site and traffic activation.
  • Thinking about omni-channel and complementarity requires more than just coding, but also understanding your business and approach to best support you.

Redesign and migration of the website

Thinking about SEO after the migration or redesign of your site and losing 6 months is a classic and frequent mistake of many communication agencies that we do not make.

Integrate from the beginning of our reflection the capitalization on your existing natural traffic and keep the assets by developing new assets and do not sacrifice the design to the efficiency while loving the beautiful.

Web development

Create complex HTML questionnaires, understand and code your business processes, create complex iterative scenarios and render them to support your business efforts.

Creation of native or PWA mobile applications, Markeplace

Provide you with a PWA app with each site developed with SeoToaster, develop for you custom native apps for Ios or Android.

Work on new mobile applications with you to help you bring a new user experience to your customers.

Think about geolocation, data, RGPD, CRM, UX, UI.

Prototyping and proposing a WYSIWYG approach with clearly identified and jointly defined mile stones is an integral part of the application creation approach.

Optimization of natural SEO

Choosing an SEO agency is complex because if you need an agency it is because you don’t have the time or the knowledge to do it yourself.

An algorithm kept secret and the fact that everyone agrees that SEO takes time encourages all types of players to try to position themselves on this market.

Doing SEO is not just about installing Yoast SEO on a WordPress site or writing articles.

It’s really an expertise that needs to be constantly updated and a lot of humility and reflection.

Investing in the training of our teams and in the tools, explaining and showing what we do, documenting our approach and the results explain the loyalty of our customers in SEO

Google Adwords campaigns

Investing cash in Google Ads rather than spending money requires a real know-how and a thorough understanding of how Google Ads works.

Choose the right keywords, structure with relevance campaigns, ad groups and ads and create quality extensions.

Bid at the right price at the right time on the right device and targeting the right audience.

To constantly optimize the bids, to add ads, to remove some and to help for that of the artificial intelligence but also and especially those of our teams.

To make display only if it is relevant and to create separate campaigns in order not to harm the global follow-up of the KPI.

Measure the ROI permanently, follow the competitors, measure its impression rate and its position and analyze the quality score.

Campaigns Advertising social networks

    • Define a socio-dynamic and socio-behavioral target audience on LinkedIn Ads and choose the right format and bidding strategy.
    • Utilize the synergies between Instagram Ads and Facebook Ads by selecting the appropriate formats.
  • Create clickable ads on Facebook and automate lead retrieval.
    • Increase your community and generate “likes” on your pages.


    • Use “Stories” on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram.


    • Track the results and calculate the ROI.


  • Install a pixel on your site to track conversions.

Content production

  • Help you define your editorial strategy and content calendar.
  • Deliver SEO-optimized blog articles and website pages to increase your chances of ranking well in Google SERPs and generate organic traffic.
  • Prepare social media posts for the upcoming month with links to your best pages and blog articles to generate traffic and engagement.
  • Creating your Youtube tutorials and producing optimized videos ranging from 30 seconds to 2 minutes.
  • Delivering high-quality videos at an unbeatable price or finding the team that can truly showcase your identity and highlight your strengths.
  • Organizing photoshoots of your team and taking professional shots of your work environment that will be used on your website and in all your communication materials.

Motion design

    • Help you define your editorial strategy and publication calendar.
    • Deliver blog articles and website pages optimized for SEO to have a good chance of ranking well on Google SERP and thus generate natural traffic.
  • Prepare social media posts for the upcoming month with links to your best pages and blog articles to generate traffic and engagement.
    • Create your Youtube tutorials and produce optimized videos ranging from 30 seconds to 2 minutes.


    • Deliver videos at an unbeatable quality-to-price ratio or find the team that will truly showcase your identity and enhance your brand.


  • Organize photo shoots of your team and capture images of your professional environment that will be integrated into your website and all of your communication materials.


Find the relevant databases for you in relation to your objectives.

Offer you co-branded mailings with professional press titles on a geographically and socially qualified target.

Build the design of the page and position the right call to action in the right places.

Use existing templates in the market solutions or propose your own HTML template customized to your graphic charter and insertable in existing tools and especially reusable.

Monitor performance and conversions.

Community management

Analyze your existing pages and those of your competitors.

Measure your current and target audience and define action plans.

Produce regular content for your account and generate engagement.

Know if you are being quoted and talked about and how?

Respond to users and promote your image and values.

E-reputation and customer feedback management

Monitor your reputation and what people say about you on the web.

Intervene if your brand image is damaged by inappropriate content.

Accompany you to know your NPS (Net Promoter Score).

Solicit customer reviews for you and respond to them.

Create a widget to automate the display of customer reviews on your website.

Inbound Marketing

Create a white label website specialized on your activity sector or transform your current website.

Identify the relevant semantic territory for your business and define an editorial strategy and calendar.

Choose the right domain name, the right URLs and know how to optimize the content.

Work on the 3 pillars of SEO (technical, semantic and back-linking) to make your content emerge and generate leads and conversions.

Attract instead of fetch your future customers.

Become the reference in your industry and create brand preference.

Optimize, produce, test, measure, optimize, produce.

Marketing automation and CRM

Automate lead qualification and follow-up.

Build scenarios and implement them.

Manage and grow your lead base to grow your customer base.

Boost and maximize your efficiency by measuring what can be measured and is relevant to measure.

Systematize and automate marketing and sales actions at the right time with the right speech and the right offer.

Recover the existing data and give you a global vision of your performance and help you identify the sources of productivity and the right KPI’s.

Web Marketing Training

To transmit our passion for what we do.

Help you gain expertise and share our best practices with you.

Take into account your experience and customize the content of the training.

Guarantee that our trainers will adapt to you and your needs.

Explain, show, help do, let do and give feedback.

Not being one of the most expensive digital agencies in Paris or consulting agencies…