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SearchBooster Social Media Agency Paris specializes in communication strategy on social networks and improving your brand’s visibility on social networks. Want to better understand the challenges of social networks for your business? Here is some information on what we can offer you

What is a social media agency?

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Our social media agency, SearchBooster, aims to support you in implementing your brand’s communication strategy via social networks.

Using our services will enable you to achieve your goals (visibility, notoriety, turnover, leads generation) through social networks by developing your audience.

To do this, it is essential to build an editorial line and social content (identity and graphic concepts, visual creation and motion design) that meet the expectations of your current and future audience, in harmony with the values, style, and attributes of your brand platform.

This is the challenge of creating visibility campaigns on social networks that include both your organic visibility and your paid visibility (ads).

We assist you in implementing your social media strategy, and ensure real-time monitoring of your community’s engagement with you.

Through community management, we enable you to keep control of customer comments about your products and services by ensuring animation, moderation of opinions, and reporting.

Social networks: what importance do they have in the evolution of your brand?

Social networks are a goldmine for current businesses and brands. Over the past decade, social networks have experienced a true boom, and according to a study by We Are Social and Hootsuite, it is now estimated that a French consumer spends approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes per day on social networks.

While their primary purpose is to socialize with other people, companies can easily exploit their function for communication and visibility purposes.

Quick and easy to use, social networks allow for the communication of impactful information: they are major spaces of influence, ideal for introducing a product or service that a user may consume.

Social networks help you create a close relationship with your customers, by offering personalized and attractive content. In doing so, you have the opportunity to encourage them to create a community, within which they can communicate with each other about your brand or business, extolling its benefits and/or providing you with feedback in terms of user experience.

Your brand’s presence on social media inevitably leads to the publication of customer reviews. Taking into account both good (positive) and bad comments is actually an asset: it allows you to offer a personalized solution to each customer and thus, to turn a negative review into a positive one. Of course, this is provided that you offer consumers impeccable customer service.

If you don’t have the time or skills to manage social networks, our mission is to help you create an online brand image to make social networks an essential ingredient of your marketing strategy.

Our methodology for supporting you revolves around either a completely personalized approach, monthly subscriptions that meet 90% of our clients’ needs, or completely tailor-made and turnkey approaches. Whatever your choice, before suggesting either of these two approaches, we will conduct a free pre-audit of the existing situation, which will allow us to identify your best practices and areas for improvement.

Define your target

It is important to take stock of the target I want to reach with my company, a typical buyer… What age range? What gender, female, male? What type of language? What budget …?

Choosing the right networks

Each social platform allows different opportunities, to best target my audience I must choose the one that fits and adopt an appropriate editorial language!

Use the right content

To properly promote my company and the services it offers, I have to communicate and exchange with my community, I have to be regular, inventive and impactful!

In any case and before implementing either a personalized approach or a subscription, we will offer you a complete audit of your social media visibility which will include the following approach:

  • Activation of monthly subscription and set-up
  • Competitive analysis by platform
  • Audit of current platforms (tone, frequency and style of publications, engagements, reach, audiences)
  • Analysis of competitor platforms (tone, frequency, advertising style, etc.)
  • Definition of a strategy (tone, frequency, formats, style, design)
  • Definition of KPIs by platform
  • Recommendation for mix of content
  • Suggestion for advertising mix (boost)
  • Based on this audit, we will offer you a detailed action plan integrating both the development of your organic visibility and your paid visibility in order to support you in achieving your digital visibility objectives.