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Searchbooster is a website creation agency in Paris, specialized in natural referencing, which has the particularity of working on all digital levers and having a significant part of its activity dedicated to the redesign and development of showcase and e-commerce websites of all kinds.

We are one of the few medium-sized agencies that is truly specialized in digital and can deal with both SEO, SEA, social media, content management, and design and develop showcase websites, e-commerce websites, and PWA and native iOS and Android apps.

We work in the long term for our clients, especially since while SEA / paid referencing, can be compared to a sprint, SEO is more of a marathon.

We design and develop websites and e-commerce stores using either a CMS or pure code depending on expressed needs and the results expected by our clients.

The CMS with which we primarily work are WordPress, WooCommerce, Prestashop, Magento, Drupal for the most well-known, and we also work a lot with the PHP Open Source CMS SeoToaster developed by SeoSamba, which has entrusted us with its exclusivity for the French market.

When we develop a website on WordPress and WooCommerce, we often use the Elementor Pro page builder, which allows our clients to easily evolve the design of pages by adding new sections thanks to the Drag & Drop function.

How to choose between redesign, migration, and website creation?

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Most of our clients come to us for the creation of their new website because they not only want a high-quality and personalized design, but most importantly, they want their future site to be optimized for search engine optimization (SEO) and well-positioned in search engine results.

Systematically, when a client already has a website, we conduct a quick audit of the site to determine if the current site is of quality and whether we should consider a redesign that involves:

  • SEO, UX, UI optimizations
  • changing the theme
  • changing the design
  • changing the hosting server
  • compressing and cleaning up existing code
  • optimizing images and videos
  • linking the site to social networks
  • optimizing on-site SEO (site structure, meta descriptions, interlinking, etc.)
  • adding a blog
  • producing content and creating SEO-optimized pages

Alternatively, we may recommend a migration if optimizing the existing site would be more expensive and not lead to as satisfactory a result as a migration.

From there, we generally estimate both options, taking into account the entire 301 redirection plan of the old site’s URLs within the context of a migration, to avoid losing the benefit of existing SEO. We also consider the online presence of the old site and determine the priority URLs that should be preserved, whenever possible

We also take into account the fact that after a period of around 3-4 years, the design of the website may no longer please the client and may even give an image of the company that is a bit “dated” and especially no longer in line with its other communication channels.

This is precisely the advantage of using a global web agency, such as Searchbooster digital agency in Paris, which can integrate your website creation project into a global communication perspective. This will allow you to avoid a silo approach linked to a plurality of specialized stakeholders, each on a specific domain such as:

  • Branding & Naming
  • Graphic identity
  • Digital marketing
  • Analysis of your digital market and positioning
  • Web development
  • Paid referencing SEA
  • Natural referencing SEO
  • Inbound marketing
  • Growth hacking
  • Lead nurturing
  • Email marketing
  • Writing and content production
  • Motion design
  • Videos
  • Community Management

It is important to have maximum coherence in the management of digital projects so that each link in the chain is optimized and that the launch of your website is in line with the rest of the existing digital ecosystem.

Our global approach, which integrates all the topics inherent in an effective digital marketing strategy, is a criteria of choice for our clients who do not want to multiply the stakeholders who accompany them on these topics.

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Digital strategy and web marketing

1/ Use a CMS or build a site in pure code?

From our point of view, building a site in pure code is justified in two cases:

  • A simple site with very high traffic.
  • A completely bespoke site, with very high traffic and a significant budget.

The main advantage of developing in pure code is that every line of code is useful. Therefore, the loading time of your site will be ultra-fast (provided you haven’t added lots of unoptimized videos, photos, or launched many APIs to third-party applications that would slow it down, for example).

On the other hand, a site built in pure code will cost more to develop than a site developed using a CMS.

Therefore, pure code development will be reserved for one-page or landing pages or for sites with very high traffic and a high level of originality, for clients with a significant budget.

Using a CMS, on the other hand, will allow for a personalized design while optimizing the cost of the site since the entire site will not have to be recreated. Thanks to this, we can start from a base chosen from among several hundred thousand existing templates, each of which can be adapted to multiple versions and also be completely modified and adapted to your needs.

The disadvantage is that using a theme often involves creating sections with “Drag & Drop” type tools that do not allow you to see the created code and therefore requires cleaning the code before putting your site online.

The choice of CMS used depends on your digital strategy, the type of site created, your graphic charter, your objectives, and of course your budget.

It is also important to consider your skills for managing the site after it goes live because some CMSs may not allow you to be completely autonomous in managing the site if you do not know HTML, for example.

To support you in your web project, it is essential that we discuss your objectives together to recommend the most suitable solution while taking into account your budget constraints.

The first point is to determine whether we are focusing on:

A One Page site or a landing page A showcase site An e-commerce store / online store

For one-page or landing pages, we will prefer either pure code in PHP or HTML, or a CMS such as SeoToaster or WordPress used with the Elementor page builder for the latter. Unbounce can also be used to create landing pages integrated into a WordPress site and do A/B testing with Google Ads campaigns, for example.

For showcase sites, we mainly use our open-source PHP CMS SeoToaster, which benefits from many available templates and plugins for payment, logistics, and numerous widgets.

SeoToaster also has the huge advantage of being delivered with access to our marketing hub, which will provide you with all the essential digital marketing tools to develop your online visibility and business.

SeoToaster is a CMS that complies with W3C and WCAG standards and has already been used to develop more than 10,000 websites worldwide, providing exceptional value for money.

We also work extensively with WordPress, especially when we need to interface with existing third-party applications for which specific APIs already exist, or when the client prefers it, either because they are already using it or for other reasons.

WordPress is well-suited when you have a single site in a single language, but as soon as you move on to multi-site and/or multilingual WordPress, it is better for the user to have strong skills in network administration and web development.

In any case, we give our clients the choice and guide them towards the best solution according to their situation and needs.

For online stores/e-commerce, we mainly use SeoToaster, WooCommerce, or Prestashop.

Shopify is also interesting because it allows you to create really beautiful e-commerce stores, but the economic model incorporating rents and a % of sales leaves us somewhat perplexed and seems to create a strong dependence on the CMS editor. Indeed, in this scenario, they have access to your customer base, your sales, and even your margins and can potentially impact your economic model if they decide to revise their % or rent.

WooCommerce is suitable when the client already has a WordPress site, especially for sites offering a limited number of products, for example, and for monolingual sites.

As with WordPress, managing multi-site or multilingual sites can cause some headaches for the site administrator.

Prestashop est très user friendly et pertinent pour des sites marchands de taille moyenne à importante et est l’un des leaders dans le domaine. Nous le conseillons pour les gros sites et lorsque le client est rassuré par le fait d’avoir un CMS Leader. Cependant l’aspect financier doit être pris en compte et le fait que la plupart des plugins sur Prestashop sont payants, par exemple pour rajouter des balises Alt sous les photos et que de ce fait le budget consacré à ce type de site est important et peut aller jusqu’à 4 K€ pour un seul plugin

Il n’est pas rare de voir des clients ayant investis 50 à 100 KE dans le développement de leur site Prestashop et étant très mal référencés en SEO, ceci étant pour les gros budget et avec une bonne agence Prestashop reste un excellent choix. 

SeoToaster est notre choix préféré en rapport qualité prix car il nous semble combiner la plupart des avantages des CMS ci-dessus à savoir :

Large choix de thèmes et possibilité de créer n’importe quel design
Code open source PHP (html, js, css)
Rapidité de chargement et sites responsifs
Livré systématiquement avec une APPS PWA

De nombreux plugin disponibles (Pay-pal, Paybox, Stripe, Fedex, UPS, Chronopost, Google Map etc) et la possibilité d’en développer de nouveaux à volonté grâce à nos équipes. 

De nombreux widgets disponibles, conformité W3C et WCAG

Un back-office user-friendly permettant à l’administrateur d’être autonome dans la gestion de sa boutique (suivi leads, devis, commandes, expéditions, actions commerciales, paniers abandonnés, codes promos, nouveaux produits et nouvelles catégories, taxes et frais d’expéditions par zone, base clients et prospects…)

Un hub marketing avec emailing, optimisations SEO et URL centralisées, lead nurtering, CRM, calendrier social médias, gestion des avis clients, visioconférence

Parfait pour le multi-site et le multi-langues, possibilité de louer ou d’acheter son site
, pas de frais sur les ventes

Au final quel que soit la technologie utilisée, ce qui est important c’est de choisir une agence compétente en design et en UX, en développement et en code mais aussi en marketing digital pour que dès le départ votre site soit conçu pour avoir des visiteurs et générer des ventes et des leads en fonction de vos objectifs.

Digital strategy and web marketing

Three major steps are waiting for you for the development of your website:

  • Design and layout
  • Development
  • Launching and testing

The design phase will consist of building the design of each of the main pages of your site which will then be developed on it.

Before that, we will define the content of the header and footer of your site which will always be the same regardless of the page displayed by your visitor.

Then we will build the home page by defining the sections included in it, in which you can find, for example: 

  • Videos, photos, motion design or a slider
  • Text sections
  • An excerpt of your references
  • Dynamic customer reviews
  • A social wall
  • The best/sold articles in your store
  • The most read and recent blog posts
  • A calendar of past and upcoming events
Of course, it is at this moment that we will position the CTAs (call to action) to:
  • Request a quote
  • Purchase a product
  • Call a phone number
  • Send an email
  • Register for an event or receive a newsletter or white paper.
  • The design phase takes between 15 days and several months depending on the complexity of the site and the responsiveness/availability of the client.

Once this phase is completed and the page designs are defined, we move on to the development phase and build the site on our production servers, applying our quality approach to more than 180 points. Generally, this development phase takes between 15 days and two months, depending on the complexity of the site, and this is when we need the site’s content (text, videos, images, legal notices, logos, motion design) to be integrated into the final version of the site.

Once this phase is completed, you will receive a link to the site that is not yet visible to the general public, and you will be able to give us feedback on all elements of the site (fonts, colors, features, texts) that can be modified at any time, even after the site is launched.

Once the site and its features are validated, we move on to the quality testing phase, and with your help, we extensively test all the site’s features to correct any anomalies. 

After quality testing is completed, we move on to optimizing multi-device display (laptop, mobile, tablets, etc.) and proceed with essential SEO optimizations.

Once all of these steps are completed, we can launch the site after training you to use it, as well as the tools provided by us.

In summary, it takes between 1 month and 6 months for our agency to develop your website, regardless of the technology used.

To learn more, call us or come and have a coffee with us, we will be delighted to welcome you and show you our many web and e-commerce site references.