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digital agency

Who are we?

SearchBooster is a global digital agency created in 2018 that supports companies and organizations of all sizes in their digital transformation. We mobilize all of our capabilities to meet our clients’ demands with a constant focus on the ROI of investments made. We fully manage our clients’ projects by relying on our specialists in SEO, SEA and ads of all kinds, social networks, branding and visual identity, web development and content production.

Thanks to the empathy of our teams, our agency understands your business challenges. It can then rely on its expertise to offer you
the best solutions as well as the best quality/price ratio.
With reactivity, we care about the ROI of the proposed solutions.
SearchBooster puts its expertise in digital communication and business at the service of its customers.

Our values and our DNA

icone definition


SearchBooster®, a 360° digital agency based in Paris, defines and implements digital communication strategies to help its clients make the most of all digital marketing tools to boost their ROI
icone mission

Our mission

Our mission is to help our clients develop and boost their business through clear, transparent and efficient digital offerings.


Our agency articulates its strategy around performance, creativity and expertise. The agency offers consulting, auditing, branding, website design and development and web traffic activation services. We define ourselves as a 360°, multi-disciplinary agency.

icone ambition


Our ambition is to become the reference agency in our 360° approach.


For us, technological expertise is essential to make the right choices for a digital marketing and
marketing and communication activity
and offline communication.
We support
our clients in their digital performance,
which has become essential.


To provide our clients with advice guided only by the desire to help them obtain the best possible ROI from their digital and marketing operations thanks to the right resource at the right time at the best price-quality ratio and to a permanent curiosity and marketing and technological watch.

icone personnalité


Agility, reactivity and efficiency are our DNA, combined with persistence and a deep respect for our clients and prospects, while maintaining a straightforward approach and deep marketing and technological convictions that are the keys to our added value for our clients and allow us to maximize the ROI of the actions they implement with our support.


SearchBooster has developed an organization and working methods based on Crowdsourcing. In this context and after several months of successful collaboration, SeoSamba has entrusted Searchbooster with the mission of representing it exclusively to companies located in France. Searchbooster relies on a team of thirty SEO / SEA consultants and several dozen front-office and back-office developers, web-designers, quality controllers and UX designers as well as strategic planners and branding specialists.

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The expert in management solutions for over 35 years

Driven by the desire to democratize the computerization of companies, EBP has profoundly marked the construction of the market of software publishers. Not very affordable 35 years ago, EBP was the first software publisher to offer solutions accessible to French small and medium-sized businesses. Today, EBP has become a true partner in the service of companies with a unique range of powerful and customizable software

Our e-commerce solution SeoToaster interfaced with EBP

In addition to the usual functionalities of an E-commerce site, SearchBooster has developed many specific functionalities on its CMS SeoToaster, including
  • The site works in mirror with EBP, which saves time and money. The company can thus fully concentrate on its customers and meet their needs.
Thus, the EBP management software coupled with our Open source PHP CMS SeoToaster allows you to easily :
  • visualize the online stocks directly on the store and update them in EBP at each sale,
  • Define the pricing for each type of customer, private or professional, from EBP
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SEO Samba

SeoSamba’s marketing and sales automation software suite is used by thousands of companies, large and small, around the world, with service centers located in the United States and Europe. Our software is privately labeled by solution providers and media companies, and is available in 14 languages. SeoSamba combines email, SEO reporting and execution, centralized blogging for WordPress and SeoToaster websites, PPC, social media marketing, CRM, website builder with call tracking, analytics and more, all under one roof, at an affordable price. SeoSamba’s Hub & Spoke technology is particularly well suited for franchise businesses, amplifying marketing effectiveness as you expand your brand footprint. The recruitment efforts of participating franchisees will bring you mechanical and additional benefits, while generating more leads in their local markets. SeoSamba offers turnkey services including franchise development and franchise brand marketing for local lead generation packages.

France Num is the government initiative for the digital transformation of VSEs/SMEs led by the Direction Générale des Entreprises. France Num federates practical resources, financial aid and a network of advisors (“activators”) who are active throughout the country. The action program was built in partnership with Régions de France, all the regions and professional organizations, and is based on the recommendations of the National Digital Council.

Objectives and actions

Provide a concrete solution to each VSE/SME for its digital transformation through the France Num online platform, which allows them to

– Obtain an online recommendation corresponding to their needs and priorities;

– Get in touch with an advisor from among the “activators” nearby;

– Search for all available financing offers, especially regional ones;

– Consult adapted tools and services.

Federate and animate the community of activators around a national dynamic of digital transformation by relying on existing initiatives;

Identify and promote exemplary VSEs/SMEs that can serve as models;

Develop the financing offer for digital transformation projects of companies;

Support initiatives in the territories that contribute to this.

SearchBooster Google Partner certifié

Google Badge

As part of the Recognition and Rewards program, Partners and Premier Partners have access to the Google Partner badge and the Premier Partner badge, respectively. Partners who have earned one of these badges can add it to their website, other online properties and marketing materials to show that Google considers their company a Google Partner or Premier Partner. 

Goals and Actions:

  • Provide our clients with the expertise that comes from having our ATS strategists participate in Google training programs.
  • Document our approach with a set-up file integrating all our recommendations for the activation of Google campaigns.
  • Choose among the existing levers those that are best adapted to the expectations and needs of our clients.
  • To proceed cautiously in test & learn to ensure continuously the ROI of the Google campaigns driven by our teams.
  • To constantly monitor the performance of campaigns, in particular thanks to artificial intelligence solutions connected to each Ads account managed by us.
  • To show pedagogy and explain our choices while not hesitating to question ourselves regularly.
  • To provide at least monthly an objective analysis of the performance of the campaigns including an approach of the ROI provided.

SEO Camp

The SEO CAMP association gathers SEO enthusiasts and offers its members QASEO and CESEO certifications to develop their skills and justify their SEO expertise.

Objectives and actions : 

  • Improve and enhance our SEO expertise.
  • Propose and choose the best strategy to implement in order to generate traffic on your site.
  • Provide our customers with our advanced technical skills.
  • To be educational, while explaining our choices to our customers.


Qualiopi certification is a mark that attests to the quality of organizations that offer skills development services. Since January 2022, organizations wishing to benefit from the financing of training using public and mutualized funds are required to be certified.

To be certified, organizations must meet 7 quality assessment criteria (32 indicators):

  1. Providing information to the public;
  2. Identification of training objectives;
  3. Adaptation of training courses (if necessary);
  4. implementation of pedagogical means ;
  5. development of skills and knowledge of teaching teams
    information monitoring;
  6. collection of feedback (satisfaction and complaints).

Objectives and actions:

1 year after our Datadock certification, our training actions carried out under the DigiClass brand are Qualiopi certified. They consist of 16 training modules and customized training to meet the needs of people in digital marketing. They are available in-company, distance learning and face-to-face. The Qualiopi certification rewards and certifies the quality of all our training processes.


SearchBooster is an agile organization that works with consultants and strategic partners rigorously selected for their technical skills, their rigor and their customer satisfaction orientation. Below are some of the profiles of the Searchbooster team members who work daily with our clients and prospects.