The natural referencing

An SEO agency

SearchBooster is an SEO agency in Paris specializing in natural referencing that has the particularity of working on all digital levers and having a significant part of its activity dedicated to the redesign and development of showcase and e-commerce websites of all kinds.

We are one of the few medium-sized agencies that are truly specialized in digital and can handle both SEO, SEA, social media, content management, and design and create showcase websites, e-commerce sites, and PWA and native iOS and Android apps.

We work long-term for our clients, especially since if we can compare SEA (paid referencing) to a sprint, SEO is rather a marathon.

It is important to know that before any commercial proposal, we will carry out a free pre-audit of your website because the SEO optimization to be implemented will depend on the status quo established by our SEO experts.

This status quo, which will allow us to implement an SEO strategy, will integrate a very in-depth analysis of the three main levers of natural referencing, namely the analysis of the technical aspects of your site, the analysis of the semantic field of your site and the indexed keywords and their position, and of course, the analysis of your site’s backlinks.

This is not an SEO audit but a free pre-audit that will allow us at this stage to consider two very different and structuring hypotheses for the rest of the referencing strategy implemented by us.

Either upgrade your site because the fundamentals are good and you just need to implement an SEO optimization and content production strategy or consider a redesign or migration.

In the second case, it will be necessary to build a new website but also to implement a relevant SEO strategy to not lose the existing gains of the website.

Upgrade of the existing site and content production.

In this scenario, it is assumed that your site is not performing well in terms of SEO optimization, but the technical foundations are sound. You are happy with the design and the site’s UX is a good base. In this case, our SEO consultant will propose a detailed action plan that will first include a detailed audit phase and the preparation of an action plan.

The detailed audit phase will include a thorough technical analysis of the site in order to identify potential SEO obstacles, which could be numerous. With their expertise, our consultant will be able to prioritize the obstacles that have the greatest impact on natural traffic and therefore on your revenue in the case of an e-commerce site or on your leads in the case of a showcase site.

A/ Technical audit

Among the technical obstacles that we regularly encounter, we find:

  • Unsecured SSL hosting
  • Non-responsive website that displays poorly on mobile devices
  • Slow website that takes several seconds to load
  • Code errors
  • Poor or incomplete metadata (HTML tags, meta descriptions, title tags that are too short or too long…)
  • Failure to update plugins and security vulnerabilities
  • Lack of an optimized Google My Business page for local SEO
  • Absence of an XML sitemap and a robots.txt file
  • Lack of links with social networks
  • Site map with content that requires more than 3 clicks from the home page
  • Traps for robots
audit technique

B/ Semantic analysis

Similarly, an analysis of the keywords indexed by search engines on your site and your position in Google’s SERP results in France will be carried out, as well as an analysis of the keywords indexed for your competitors and their position in the same SERPs. This way, we will know your web referencing and that of your competitors, and we will have a precise vision of the semantic territory related to your activity.

For each keyword, we will have the monthly search volume, the page displayed in response in the SERPs, and numerous indicators of competitive intensity on each keyword, as well as the cost per click if you decided to use Google Ads while waiting for our SEO service to produce results. 

This will allow us to reconstruct the architecture of your website by renaming certain pages if necessary, but also by creating new pages optimized to be well referenced in search engine results, whether they are static pages or blog articles produced by us or by you and then optimized by our consultants.

analyse sémantique

C/ Netlinking audit

Finally, we will analyze the netlinking audit. This includes analyzing the backlinks pointing to your site, not only in terms of quantity but also, and most importantly, their origin and the authority of the domains they come from. This will allow us to evaluate the notoriety and reputation of your domain with search engines and also to identify so-called toxic backlinks.

We will also examine the internal linking structure of your site, which refers to all the links pointing from one page to another and their anchor text. This is particularly important as it allows search engine robots to crawl all the pages on your site and index their content.

This work can be accompanied by a similar investigation of your main competitors’ sites to compare their notoriety with yours and also to find opportunities to position yourself better than them in Google’s natural search results.

audit netlinking

Once these various analyses have been carried out, we are able to offer you a detailed action plan which will take the form of:

either one-off services spaced over time, or a proposal for a turnkey subscription to accompany you over time, or in the form of intensive upgrade services and/or in the form of training your teams in good practices of natural referencing.

The action plan may include:

  • Creating new pages on your website
  • Upgrading existing pages
  • Producing SEO-optimized blog articles, videos, motion-design animations, for example
  • Setting up optimized backlinks and producing posts on existing social media platforms or creating new ones if necessary.

So we will accompany you through a completely personalized approach adapted to your specific case, your needs, and your budget.

plan de production

Refactoring and/or migration of your website

In this second scenario, the findings made by our consultants during the pre-audit phase lead us to observe that the cost of SEO optimization for your website will be higher than that of creating a new website or completely redesigning your current site.

It may also be simply because your website no longer pleases you or is “outdated” compared to current standards.

A/ Migration of the existing website

If you choose to migrate your existing site, the principle is to start again with a new website that immediately meets current standards for optimizing search engine ranking while retaining the benefits of your current site’s positions and existing traffic.

The first priority will be to identify, using your analytics and our tools, the pages on your current website with high traffic and, where possible, to keep the current URL to retain the benefit of existing traffic and search engine ranking.

For pages with less traffic or whose content will be substantially modified and therefore have an obsolete title, we will create a 301 redirection plan to ensure that these renamed pages do not appear as 404 errors when presented to users in search results.

This way, you can start over with a new site with a new design, optimized UX, and above all, a site optimized for SEO from the start.

Of course, it’s important to distinguish between on-site SEO, which involves all the technical optimizations made on the site before launch, which we will handle, and the choice of site map and semantic clusters used on the main static pages and blog pages, and off-site SEO.

To optimize your site map based on user queries, we will conduct a semantic audit and create the best page titles, optimizing your content and keywords to ensure you quickly appear in top positions on search results pages.

Off-site SEO will involve regular work to add backlinks from other sites and publish posts on social media that drive traffic to your website.

All of these services will be detailed either as standard in our migration offer or as an option if your budget requires you to make choices. Please note that we refuse to deliver sites that are not optimized for SEO. In rare cases, we have declined collaboration proposals that would have led us to deliver sites that do not conform to our standards or those of the market.

B/ The redesign

For the redesign, while keeping the CMS used, we will proceed with a theme change, for example, and update the site’s design while keeping the existing structure if the foundation is solid. This will, of course, be an opportunity to bring your site up to date with the latest SEO and natural referencing standards.

All showcase sites and e-commerce stores created by our SEO agency in Paris with our CMS are optimized for SEO, compliant with W3C and WCAG standards.


For sites created with other CMS, we always require that the on-site SEO part be integrated from the start in our services.

As for the semantic audit and backlinking part, we strive to offer the best solutions according to our client’s budget and have a whole range of more or less advanced services, ranging from the analysis of your digital market and that of your competitors to the search for keywords to optimize your meta-descriptions and content.

In any case, the free pre-audit of your site carried out by our SEO agency in Paris will allow us to determine the best course of action for your situation and budget and to make you a personalized proposal.

So do not hesitate to contact us to learn more and boost your business by getting on the 1st page of search engines.