Do you want to improve the visibility of your website in search engine results? Are you wondering what budget to invest to increase your turnover thanks to a good SEO strategy? This question is complex because it depends on what you are going to ask your interlocutor and also on the current situation of your site and your expectations.

An important factor in understanding the answer to this question is knowing the cost of an expert SEO consultant. This point is the subject of an annual study by SEO Camp which makes it possible to understand the cost structure of a consultant or a natural referencing agency and therefore the investment to be made in order to have qualified traffic. 

The market prices of an SEO agency according to the size of the client structure.

The market seen from the client side is currently structured as follows:

VSEs       or self-employedwho want to optimize their visibility without spending money on paid referencing and appear in a better position in Google results, and who will be ready to put in place an investment of between 500 and 1,000 Euros to improve the Google natural referencing of their site web. At this price, it is useless to dream that a real competent consultant will not be able to spend more than a few tens of hours on your site and therefore the services will necessarily be quite reduced but for all that can really improve your visibility if your website is efficient enough. and that you want to emerge on fairly simple requests (your name, your brand, your core business if you are not in an overly competitive universe, and if you are aiming for local SEO where the competitive intensity is less strong). However, this surprises some customers who have made their site themselves on Wix, for example, or have paid a few hundred euros for it and who do not see themselves in the natural results of Google, call on an SEO agency. They then discover sometimes (often) that the savings made on the creation of their site is absorbed by the additional costs incurred to correctly reference their site. On this subject, read our article on the method forchoose your website provider or consult our offers of SEO friendly turnkey sites.

·       SMEs / SMIs who want to emerge from their competitors and above all acquire new customers through their website and not just reassure their existing customers.

In this case, the appropriate existing offers will be either in the form of initial audits (technical audit, semantic audit, backlinks audit) and then monthly banks of hours to be used according to your needs and which will ensure follow-up in the recommended actions and their effective implementation as well as the results obtained. The budget is often of the order of 8,000 to 15,000 euros for audits and 600 to 1,000 euros per day thereafter for banks of hours. Or as we offer monthly SEO subscriptions, without commitment and all inclusive, integrating in particular the initial analyzes of keywords, SEO technical brakes and then an all-inclusive monthly cost (technical optimizations, content supplies, creation of new web pages, creation of backlinks) with a monthly budget varying from 890 euros to 1,690 euros, depending on the number of keywords.

·        Large accounts who want tailor-made SEO support in order to optimize their visibility on their businesses and in relation to specific competitors, and who want to boost the visibility of their site by using Growth Hacking and Inbound Marketing approaches .In this case, each audit is costed individually according to the existing situation, the deliverable requested and the client’s objectives. It is then necessary to plan between 2,000 and 3,000 euros for the technical audit of the site integrating detailed optimization recommendations, between 3,000 and 5,000 euros for the semantic audit depending on the number of languages ​​and competitors to be taken into account. account, and for the backlinking audit between 3,000 and 4,500 euros for a complete analysis of your backlinks and a list of relevant backlinks for you (those of your competitors and others depending on your business). Added to this is the cost of building a personalized SEO dashboard for which it takes 1,500 to 3,000 Euros and then support on a daily basis, the frequency of which is to be defined and with a daily cost of 600 at 1,000 euros.

How do you ensure that your SEO consultant or your natural SEO agency will do its job well and allow you to position yourself on the first page of Google natural SEO results?

The first thing is before the signing of the contract to ensure that the consultant who will follow your file has the know-how and the skills essential to the conduct of his mission and that he has the licenses to use the software . fees required to conduct an SEO audit. For this you can consult social networks to see what is the course and the SEO training followed by your interlocutor and his ability to implement an SEO strategy.

Then, insofar as SEO is not an exact science and Google changes its algorithm almost daily, no serious service provider will commit to a quantified and regular increase in your traffic, nor to an appearance on the first page of Google natural referencing results of your site on very competitive expressions.

On the other hand, he can commit to finding keywords for which the probability of appearing on the 1st page of Google is high but will often be with long tails with average search volumes and for which the competitive environment statistically allows to emerge on page 1.

But in this case it will be necessary to multiply the contents integrating these keywords to gradually manage to generate significant traffic on your website.

The other point is to specify in writing the deliverables that will be provided to you by the SEO agency or the consultant (form, content, deadlines) and the limits of the service. Are these recommendations without implementation or, on the contrary, recommendations with implementation by the service provider and modifications made by him on your site.

 What are the terms of exit from the contract if you are not satisfied (irrevocable duration, notice of exit, penalty clause for early exit from the contract, obligations of results or means) and what are the terms of renewal of the contract (tacit renewal , new contract and new conditions, annual indexation for example).

If you can, prefer all-inclusive subscription contracts with a clear and definitive price  and no binding commitment over time. So if your service provider does not deliver the expected results, you can interrupt the contract at any time. The SEO agency knowing this will have every interest in really taking care of your natural referencing knowing that its only means of retaining you will be its ability to obtain concrete results, qualified traffic and quality conversions.

Olivier MAURIN/ CEO and Founder of Searchbooster

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