Nowadays, managing and building your brand image on social media (or social media for professionals) is greatly facilitated by the marketing hub (software offering the necessary resources to manage your business in digital) offered by Searchbooster and SeoSamba and used by already more than 100,000 users worldwide.

Thanks to this, you can share your posts through the most used social networks in just a few clicks. You just need to connect to our specialized software and your messages will be broadcast automatically on all the social networks that you have linked to the software, namely Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google My Business.

But, why is it so important to have a strong brand image on the Internet?

For this, it is necessary to have a Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin account, depending on your sector of activity. They are there to promote your products while representing your company. Even if your notoriety is not that of a multinational such as Coca-Cola, social networks are there to help you develop your brand, your notoriety and the perception of areas of expertise.

  • First of all, it is necessary to integrate that thanks to the web, the size of your company does not matter or at least is no longer the only key factor of success. It might even help your business grow and expand.
  • Your brand must be visible and assiduous in its publications so as not to lose consumers to the benefit of other brands, which will have been more present online.
  • You must be active on social networks, especially Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to create your brand image in order to attract new customers and retain your contacts. Bring out the personality of your brand (have a profile photo, create your logo, define a graphic charter and a color palette and highlight your company name) in order to appear in the news feed of a targeted audience who will be potential customers for your business
  • You must prepare your digital marketing strategy well in order to effectively use these levers that are social networks. Keeping your customers up to date with what’s going on in your business creates a special bond between you and your consumers.
  • Using social networks can be more relevant than e-mailing, but the latter nevertheless remains complementary. By being subscribed to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, your customers will be able to find your news in their threads. E-mailing remains more random because not everyone checks their emails every day and to read the content you have to open it, unlike social networks, where the content is already displayed. In addition, over-soliciting your customers and prospects via e-mailing can be worth a declaration of SPAM and the banishment of e-mailing tools.

Be visible on social networks in 10 points:

  1. Be active and regular in your posts 
  2. Give the right information to the right people
  3. Adding visual content (photos, videos) increases and promotes engagement
  4. Encourage your audience to participate by asking them questions.
  5. Find the right time to post
  6. Use the right Hashtags #
  7. Make posts written differently for each social network
  8. Define your brand image
  9. Keep it simple and have an editorial tone and a constant graphic charter
  10. Identify your account needs

And to do this, use tools such as the social media calendar which allows you to plan your publications, the curation of RSS feeds from news sites in your sector, the sharing of online reviews received using e-reputation tools and above all, do not forget that the traffic on your website depends on 5 acquisition levers which are:

  • SEO natural referencing
  • Paid referencing SEA
  • Social media
  • The emailings
  • The direct approach thanks to the notoriety of your mark.

Do not hesitate to use powerful tools such as our integrated software suite MOS Marketing Operating Systems SeoSamba .

Olivier MAURIN/ CEO and Founder of Searchbooster

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