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Why integrate social networks into your website?

Establishing a communication strategy on social media is a necessity because they are a direct extension of a website. Having redirecting icons to networks creates more interactions and increases the site’s natural referencing.

How does this integration promote referencing and how?

A boosted natural referencing

The secret to referencing? Being present!
Social networks are an additional space that allows you to add relevant content that is different from that of a site. A study conducted by Searchmetrics shows that Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest have a direct influence on the positioning of a website within search engines.

Generating traffic between the site and the networks

Social media has the advantage of being extremely targeted and therefore able to attract potential customers. The best networks to use to promote a product or service depend on the target audience, as social media platforms are not used in the same way for everyone.
When selected carefully, social media networks can significantly increase the visibility of your website, as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others are channels of significant traffic. They are also new acquisition channels, as they provide attractive visuals and practical information that facilitate the act of purchasing.

Communication is different between Twitter and Google, but they have the advantage of ensuring a presence throughout the web.

Wider coverage compared to a website

Each social network has its own codes, interests, and audience. Shares and interactions give Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other posts a greater chance of being read and therefore the power to turn prospects into customers. It is necessary to create easily shareable content to take advantage of their virality!

We’re talking about you

Online reputation, or what is being said about you, is more easily manageable and controllable on social networks. It is possible to act instantly in case of a dispute and thus rectify the situation, provided that posts are monitored carefully. You must maintain a connection with your community and share your content while taking into account their interests. Your brand image is valuable, and you can gain customers because of it.

Continuous and direct interactions

Social networks provide constant communication. As a result, the boundaries between consumers and the brand disappear. Prospects are more easily converted into customers because a relationship of trust is established, and answers are available at any time. These interactions are useful not only for advertising your products but also for engaging the community and building customer loyalty.

Links: traffic vectors

Links are an important source of referencing. From the site to social networks or vice versa, both internally and externally, it is essential to use them to get on the first page of search engines.

Some actions should be implemented on your site: the insertion of sharing icons or links to your social networks. The aim is to make it as easy as possible for the user to navigate. The objective is simple: to make them stay on all your pages! And this by showing them as much as possible. Because you should know that the time spent by a visitor on your site also improves your natural referencing.

Social networks have an indirect impact on natural referencing. The immediacy and virality make it an effective communication tool with real results on your sales or campaigns.


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